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We provide all types of commercial pressure washing and residential pressure washing services in Maple Falls, Whatcom County & Everson, WA

Home Pros is your source for high-quality soft washing and pressure washing services in Maple Falls, Whatcom County, & Everson, WA or the surrounding areas. When performing commercial or residential pressure washing services, we use special cleaning solutions that are strong enough to remove caked-on grime and dirt yet gentle enough to avoid damaging even delicate surfaces.

You don't have to settle for anything less than the very best residential or commercial pressure washing services. Contact us today to get help from a trusted team.

Why Choose Home Pros?

Traditional power washing destroys and voids manufacturers warranties while not actually killing the moss or cleaning the roof properly. Traditional methods or use of store bought chemicals/products that don't get the job done right.

The Damage Traditional Power Washing Cedar Shakes/Composite Roofs Can Inflict

When used for cedar shake roofs cleaning or any type of roof, they actually strip away wood fiber and granules from the shingling which dramatically shortens the lifespan of the roof. In many cases, power washing a cedar/composite roof is actually WORSE for your long-term investment than not cleaning the shingles at all.

The non-toxic products and low pressure process that our experts use clean, recondition, and protect from further moss growth ensure that your roof is protected for years to come. The equipment and process implemented by our team of roof cleaners is the only way to safely restore you cedar shake roof without damaging it or decreasing the lifetime of your roof.

We use ladders only while cleaning cedar shake roofs so as not to damage or crack your roofs by walking on it. All our processes and chemicals are specially designed for cedar shake roof cleaning, moss removal, and cedar shake roof restoration as well as for any other type of non-painted cedar siding.