What Do Professional Roof Cleaners Use?

Sodium Hypochlorite or Bleach

Called SH for short, household bleach is the most widely used roof cleaning chemical, as it is the choice cleaning agent of nearly every pressure washing company in North America. We at home pros use a chemical that requires a chemical license, or be grandfathered in by the D.O.D to use the chemicals we use to clean your roof.

They are safe for all plants and animals. We clean your gutters, downspouts of all debris, and we scrub the exterior of the gutters removing stains, debris as a bonus service increasing curb appeal, and customer satisfaction. Home Pros will always go above and beyond to leave every customer feeling good about overall experience, quality of work, cost for services provided.

How To Know When It's Time To Call A Roof Cleaner

Keep a watchful eye out on the state of your roof!

1) If there is permanent discoloration visible on your roof that doesn't get washed away with an average rainstorm, look into a trusted roof cleaner prior to investing in full-on shingle replacement.
2) An accumulation of moss/algae/or green spots on the shingling which can lead to water damage and leakage.
3) Your newer shingles are losing their color due to weathering and sun exposure.
4) Black spots are visible on the shingling which leads to moisture build up and mold growth that can be very hazardous to the health of your home's occupants.

To avoid costly shingle replacements and and prevent premature degradation of your roof, call (360) 721-0061 today to schedule your next roof cleaning!

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